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Nelt Angola

Nelt Angola LDA was officially registered on 29 October 2010 in Luanda and started its business in March 2011. Owing to its commitment and invested efforts, it became a successful and stable company before long (as soon as in 2012).

Apart from the offices, Nelt Angola LDA now owns its warehouse space covering more than 5,000 square metres, has 7 employees from Serbia and 73 local employees on various positions. The business activity is organized through two sales divisions, Food and Non-Food, distributing the goods to 3,000 customers. For a few years, the portfolio has diversified and now it consists of 26 products and 5 principals. In June 2012, apart from Procter&Gamble, Nestle, Wrigley and Ocean Group whose goods we import, Neoplanta whose major shareholder is Nelt Co, started to export its goods (meat products) to Angola and so became the only meat industry in Serbia that has made a breakthrough into the market of Sub-Saharan Africa. We are constantly working on finding new products suitable for Angola’s market.

Nelt Angola Lda

Estrada Nacional 230, via Catete Km-21.
Pólo Industrial de Viana (Paralelo ao Kero Viana)
Município de Viana, Luanda - Angola
Telefon: +244 933502615

Basic information

Registration date: 29.10.2010.
TIN: 5417105406