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Success of the company is the success of people. This is why we always strive to employ, develop and retain the best talents, but also create a pleasant and supportive work environment, which will inspire employees to invest maximum efforts into their daily work.

Taking initiative, teamwork, winning mentality, commitment and professionalism are values and attitudes that we appreciate and want to develop with all our employees, as we believe they are the basis of excellence and progress.

We constantly seek for new ways to unlock their full potential by intensively investing in their development, which represents one of our priorities. Our internal training team works throughout the year on advancement on knowledge and skills of our people, and in line with the needs we also organize external trainings.

We also organize for our employees various types of formal and informal gatherings, during which we develop a team spirit among colleagues, and we also offer numerous benefits contributing to their satisfaction at work.

Advancement of employees within the company is one of Nelt's most important principles. We are proud of the fact that most of our managers have been promoted from lower positions in the company. Our employees know that quality work and initiative lead to taking more responsible and complex jobs and higher positions.

The Nelt company allows each individual to exhibit all abilities by working in a team of experts according to the standards of the leading global companies. Nelt gives the opportunity to young and talented people to acquaint themselves with the work of our company through practice and gain the basic knowledge and skills in areas of their interest.

During the practice everyone actively participates in our company's business operations, and anyone who exhibits proactivity, desire to advance and learn, can start a career with our company.