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JSS, Serbia

Javna skladišta Ltd., Subotica provides the services of warehousing all types of goods (except highly flammable liquids and explosive materials), handling, warehouse space renting, fork-lift trucks outside the company’s yard and freight vehicles parking.

The total area of the warehouse space is 20,909 square metres, whereas the parking space area is over 27,000 square metres with the possibility of providing all additional services regarding the truck customs terminals, for over 220 trucks simultaneously.

Javna skladišta Ltd. owns a regularly maintained industrial track with its unloading capacity of over 900 tonnes or 18-20 wagons per day.

Javna skladišta Ltd. is a reliable partner and a host in providing services to one of the most efficient customs offices in Serbia, to all inspection authorities and freight forwarders.

In 2008, Javna skladišta Ltd. was purchased by Nelt in the privatisation process.

Javna Skladišta Ltd.

Tuk Ugarnice BB, 24000 Subotica
Phone: +381 24 546281