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Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2012, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Nelt Co decided to launch a new long-term strategy for corporate social responsibility.

Aware of how strategically important and necessary the top-class education is for our country, bearing in mind the actual circumstances we are in as a society, we decided to show our close commitment to the modernization, progress and prosperity of the environment we live and work in by funding and implementing various educational projects.

By offering new opportunities to the most talented pupils and students we help the best – those who will be the future champions of progress and positive changes in our country.

We integrate in our projects the young people of different age, education and professional profiles, so ensuring Nelt’s fundamental and long-term recognisability in years to come. Our wish, as a socially responsible company, is to systemically give back to all social segments and communities we do business in.