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Support for Young Talents

We have launched various projects involving students of the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Applied Arts, and the Faculty of Music, all of which with the University of Belgrade.

10 of Marble

This project allowed the student sculptors to make their first sculptures using the top-class marble in an improvised art studio in our warehouse.

The excellence to this project was lent by the professor Goran Čpajak, one of the most renowned Serbian sculptors, who coordinated the processes and assisted the students. After the sculptures had been completed, in November 2012 an exhibition 10 of Marble opened at the plateau in front of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, which was later on moved and became a standing exhibition at Nelt’s business complex in Dobanovci.

The Best at Guarnerius

In cooperation with the Faculty of Music and Guarnerius Fine Arts Centre, as the project sponsors we offered the most talented students an opportunity to have their first public performances through a series of concerts. These concerts take place throughout 2013 and are aimed at drawing the public attention to young musicians and contributing to their public promotion. Guarnerius’s stage will be home to 15 students of graduate, master and PhD studies with the following departments: String Instruments, Wind Instruments, Piano, and Solo-Singing.

Conceptual Architectural Design for Winery and Distillery

In our endeavours to give the young an opportunity to show their talents despite the circumstances in our country which rarely make it possible for them, Nelt Co decided to announce a student competition at the Faculty of Architecture for the construction of a winery and a distillery within its vineyard in Dobanovci. More than 100 students of all course years organized teams and submitted 21 designs, thereof the best 3 were awarded with an equally valuable reward. All designs were presented at an exhibition in the Stateroom of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. In the course of 2014, the winery construction will be launched as per the selected project.