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Caring for Local Community

Interchange in Dobanovci

One of the most comprehensive projects is the funding of an interchange road in Dobanovci. The construction of the ring road cut down 11 km for Nelt’s fleet of several hundred transport vehicles, resulting in avoiding our and partners’ vehicles going through the centre of the settlement and bringing about a considerably unburdened traffic, a drastic reduction in pollution and noise levels, and a higher quality of life of the local inhabitants.


In cooperation with our long-time partner, Procter&Gamble, we launched an array of activities in corporate social responsibility aimed at improving the quality of life of the local population in Africa. As the project organizers and coordinators, in agreement with the Ministry of Health & Education of Angola, we took part in the following projects:

Pampers Health & Educational Programme
Activities were organized in maternity wards involving nurses who gave the instructional guidance to mothers regarding their personal hygiene and the inoculation, healthy diet, nursing and health of their babies. Also, the mothers were presented with complimentary samples of Pampers diapers.

Ariel Presentation on Fresh Water Springs
On the fresh water springs where the local women wash their laundry, we organized an Ariel presentation, and the housewives were given some stocks of powder samples to use every day.

Always School Presentations
We organized school presentations aimed at raising the awareness of how much personal hygiene is important. These presentations also included trained nurses’ advice to young girls and Always product samples.

The Podgorica Marathon

For many years now, Neregelia, a Nelt Group member, has supported the organization of the Podgorica Marathon.

In 2013, the Podgorica Marathon Organization Committee presented to Neregelia two awards: Plaquette for an Outstanding Contribution to the Organization of the 20th Anniversary of the Podgorica Marathon and Acknowledgment for an Outstanding Contribution to the Organization of the Podgorica Marathon for the Past 20 Years.