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Nelt, Bosnia & Herzegovina

As the founder of the current company Nelt d.o.o. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Orbitko was founded in 1999, as a sub-distributor of confectionery and tobacco products with its headquarters in Trebinje.

In 2006, Orbitko became a partner with Nelt Co, and in 2010 the company changed its name into Nelt d.o.o, while the headquarters moved to Istočno Sarajevo, where it is still located today. In addition to the headquarters in Istočno Sarajevo, there are regional distribution centres in Banja Luka and Bijeljina.

Owing to constant quality improvements and the diversification of the range of services, as well as investments in human resources development, Nelt d.o.o. today is one of the leading companies on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina that provides high quality services in distribution, logistics and marketing, while demonstrating maximum business efficiency and effectiveness. The company’s partners are major domestic and international corporations, whose long-time multinational experience and knowledge combined with Nelt’s energy, flexibility and creativity bring success and growth.

Nelt d.o.o. is currently working with the following principals: Arla, Bambi, Mondelez, Neoplanta, BIC, Japan Tobacco International, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Tvornica duhana Udbina, SC Johnson.

Nelt  d.o.o - Istočno Sarajevo

Aerodromska bb 71123 I. Sarajevo
Phone: +387 57 318 958
Phone: +387 57 318 361
Fax: +387 57 318 893

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