Marble 10 Exhibition Officially Open

Nelt avatar Nelt 22.11.2012.

The exhibition of sculptures by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA), named…

The exhibition of sculptures by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA), named Marble 10, supported by our company through both, funding and organization, officially opened last night at the plateau in front of the Faculty of Philosophy. The opening was attended, apart from Nelt’s management and Registrar’s Office members of the Faculty of Applied Arts, by a vast number of media and students as well as our company’s friends. The exhibition was opened by Zoran Bulajić, the FAA Dean, who thanked Nelt Co, the donor of 23 tonnes of Italian marble, for the financial and organizational support provided, as well as the Faculty of Philosophy and the Municipality of Stari grad. “To carry out such complex projects we need support to create the best conditions. We believe that other companies will also recognize the importance of promoting young artists and art in general”, said Bulajić adding that he was very glad that the exhibition was organized in an open public place allowing for a high attendance. Miloš Jelić, Nelt’s General Manager, expressed his satisfaction with the FAA cooperation emphasizing that the company, on the occasion of celebrating its 20th anniversary, decided to launch the new long-term corporate responsibility strategy. “Realizing the importance of education for our country in the reality of circumstances we are in as a society, we have decided to give considerable support to education by funding and implementing various projects. We wish to offer new opportunities to young and talented people for their promotion and showing their potentials and creativity.” The exhibition will be placed at the Plateau in front of the Faculty of Philosophy until 2 December 2012.