Nelt Co celebrated 20th anniversary

Nelt avatar Nelt 18.06.2013.

Belgrade, 14 June 2013 – At its headquarters in Dobanovci, Nelt Co threw a party…

Belgrade, 14 June 2013 – At its headquarters in Dobanovci, Nelt Co threw a party to celebrate two decades of successful business when the wholesaler turned into the leader in providing services in distribution of FMCG, logistics, production, retail and marketing.

With 3000 employees in eight countries and on two continents, with more than 100 principals served by nearly 1000 vehicles and with 115,000 sqm warehousing capacities, Nelt is the leader in the Western Balkans in distribution business annually serving 30,000 points of sale. Nelt Co also plays a major role in providing logistics services by signing a recent contract with Philip Morris Serbia concerning the future cooperation between our two companies. “After 20 years of business, Nelt is a respectable partner, desirable employer and one of the bright stars of the Serbian economy. We are proud of having strengthened our leading position in distribution despite the crisis, but also of becoming growingly relevant in providing logistics services. I can say that this year we are expecting some EUR 500 million turnover and that we are going to make the final steps towards the formalization of relations within the Group today gathering Nelt Co, Neoplanta, Corner Shop, Javna skladišta Subotica, Dunav film and our companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe,” emphasized Miloš Jelić, Nelt Co General Manager addressing several hundred guests in Dobanovci. Since opening the first office in Angola in 2010 until the last week’s launch of Nelt Mozambique, Nelt successfully started its business in Sub-Saharan Africa where it launched distribution process in a cluster covering Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi with its longtime partner, P&G. Within Nelt Group Serbia, there is also Corner Shop, a retail chain, and Neoplanta Meat Industry Novi Sad whose products are exported into the markets of Russia, China, Croatia and Sub-Saharan Africa. With some EUR 13 million investments into reconstruction and energy efficiency, Neoplanta is intending to reach such standards which would allow exports into the EU markets as well. Last year, Nelt Co introduced SAP business system making a step further in process optimization additionally improving its business and creating an excellent base for the future.