About us

After 30 years of development, Nelt Group became a trademark for a successful business system. The employees, ambassadors of Nelt’s values, contributed to this and gained the trust and support of partners in all the markets where Nelt Group operates.

The Group’s business is based on the principles of ethical, responsible and sustainable business, and aims to contribute to the development of the local and wider community. Strategically, it relies on three pillars: distribution, logistics and business development in the markets of Africa.

5.000+ employees

12 markets

80+ principals

100+ clients in logistics


„We are the NUMBER ONE company in providing complete solutions in distribution and logistics services.”

Through safe and fast delivery of high-quality products, we improve the quality of life of people in the markets of Europe and Africa in which we operate.

In our work, we rely on winning mentality, innovation, ownership, long-term perspective and caring mentality. We use modern technologies, and build partnerships with global leaders from adequate business fields.