About us

Nelt Group was founded in 1992. Today it is one of the most successful business systems In the Adriatic region in the field of logistics and distribution.

As an international group, it employs over 5,500 people in 18 companies, in 12 markets in Europe and Africa.

The leadership position and successes achieved over 30 years of operation are the result of constant investment in service improvement, the adoption of new technologies, and investments in the education and development of employees.


5.500+ employees

12 markets

80+ principals

100+ clients in logistics


„We are the NUMBER ONE company in providing complete solutions in distribution and logistics services.”

Through safe and fast delivery of high-quality products, we improve the quality of life of people in the markets of Europe and Africa in which we operate.

In our work, we rely on:

  • Winning mentality
  • Innovation
  • Ownership
  • Long-term perspective and
  • Caring mentality & people development

We use modern technologies, and build partnerships with global leaders from adequate business fields.