Social responsibility

The enthusiasm for contributing to the local community is the driving force behind the corporate social responsibility of Nelt Group. Investing in the professional development of young generations is a fundamental part of the 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

Recognizing the importance of education for the long-term and sustainable development of the environment in which we operate, Nelt Group companies initiate and support projects aimed at providing young leaders with the knowledge and multidisciplinary skills to contribute to the development of modern society. Different types of support for vulnerable social groups represent another, extremely important part of Nelt Group’s socially responsible companies. Particular attention is given to children who need care and support while growing up.

Collaboration with faculties

All Nelt Group companies collaborate with educational institutions in the countries in which they operate to help students start their careers. Guest lectures are organized at the faculties as well as student visits to Nelt companies, which include presentations of the Group and educational content. In this way, students can learn more about sales and negotiation skills, organizational culture, quality management, etc. The goal of the collaboration is to introduce students to successful, contemporary business and professional development opportunities within the company.

Collaboration with faculties of Arts

The 10 Marble Project enabled sculpture students to complete their first sculptures with the support of Nelt and Professor Goran Cpajak, one of Serbia’s most famous sculptors. Their works are still exhibited today within the Nelt complex in Dobanovci.

Nelt in Serbia has for years supported the affirmation of the best students of elementary, master and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. More than 120 young people who succeeded on the domestic and international music scene, have so far had the opportunity to present themselves to the Belgrade audience as part of a series of concerts at the Guarnerius Center for Fine Arts.

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Nelt educational program

Interdisciplinary educational program for students of different faculties is based on the principles of cooperation, teamwork, dialogue, exchange, openness and connection of different knowledge and capacities. Lecturers and mentors are professionals who come from local, regional and international contexts and have experience in the fields of education, project work and multidisciplinary work. Since launching in 2016, the NEP has been running annually, hosted by Nelt, Gallery 12 Hub, and Nova Iskra.

Nelt is the recipient of the prestigious Virtus prize that Trag Foundation awards for a long-term partnership between the business and nonprofit sector. Nelt was awarded for its Nelt Education Program.

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Collaboration with artists

The “WallStreetbyNelt” project began with the idea of ​​refining the working environment at Nelt and at the same time enabling talented artists to apply their skills in a particular business environment. The process of painting 10 murals measuring 10 x 12 meters by renowned designers and street art artists took 6 months, and these original murals still adorn the Nelt complex in Dobanovci today.

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Support of  Exhibition “Pupin – from Physical to Spiritual Reality”

Over 20.000 visitors and 150 school groups have, during 2015/2016, visited the exhibition  “Pupin – from Physical to Spiritual Reality”, at the Historical Museum of Serbia, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and supported by Nelt and Telekom Serbia.

The exhibition presents Pupin’s childhood, education and inventorship, professional work, national and political contribution prior to, during and after World War II, involvement in the establishment and upgrading of the largest scientific institutions in the United States, vast charity work, patents, patronage of arts, and literary work, crowned by the Pulitzer Prize for autobiography “From Immigrant to Inventor”. Visitors learned more about his role in establishing of NASA, why FBI monitored his work as well as his relationship with Woodrow Wilson, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and other prominent historical figures of the time.