Our Employees are the pillar of our success. That is why great attention is focused on selection and development of competent and ambitious team members. A long-term perspective, innovation, personal responsibility, caring mentality and a winning mentality are values which we recognize and nurture as a base of our Company culture and excellence.

A high level of satisfaction of our employees is maintained with activities which positively impact motivation. We provide a stimulating and modern work environment for our team members. In order to develop our business skills and acquire new knowledge, we organize lectures, trainings, and workshops. Our attention is focused on health care through general medical examinations and private health insurance.

As a Company based on family values, Nelt grants its employees monetary gifts for weddings and birth of newborns. Also, in order to help balance family and work life, fathers are granted a five day leave after the birth of a baby, while for colleagues on maternity leave, in addition to the full amount of earnings for a twelve-month period, the Company also provides reduced working hours, upon return. Along with gift packages for the first day of school we dedicate one day in the year for entertainment and education of children of our employees, as part of Children’s Day Event.