The Right Start

The Right Start is our professional training program launched in 2015 for young, prosperous and ambitious students and graduates. In order to develop their business skills and help them specialize in working in Sales, each year we select a dozen out of a hundred of candidates. The program consists of working at various positions within the sales department, one-on-one with mentors, training and workshops. By working within different levels of the organization, students spend six months learning about the specifics of each position, further developing their skills and gaining a wider picture of the overall functioning of sales department in a large business system.

So far, after completing this unique paid program, more than 90 percent of the participants were offered permanent employment in our company and today they are part of Nelt’s Sales team. We asked one participant of each generation to share impressions about the program.

Teodora Đorđević

Program Assistant

“I joined the program as a student at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. I am highly motivated to become part of the Nelt team. Currently, I work with my mentors in the Sales Division for Neoplanta assortment.”

Saša Stevanović

Sales Assistant

“This program enables students to stand side by side with colleagues they have heard are the best at their job. What is most important – each one of them is open enough, available to provide any assistance and selflessly share and transfer knowledge.”

Milica Čorlija

Trade Marketing Specialist

“Although sales are generally perceived as a man’s job, there are is no discrimination in Nelt. The team spirit is really at a high level. Everyone is ready to help.”

Miloš Sebić

Key Account Manager

“I am still in love with trade. At Nelt, all procedures and processes are at a high level, which further motivated me to learn and develop.”

Marina Rackov

Stock Planner

“The feedback we received from mentors is invaluable. They were there to point out everything that had been good in our work, but also to improve our manner of thinking, behavior and reactions in certain situations.”

Jovan Grujić

Sales Supervisor

“The professional development program is a real indicator that the company cares about people. Real friendships are made through cooperation ad spending time with other participants in the program.”