Ranko Socanac i Nebojsa Saponjic

Saponjic and Socanac Awarded SES Charter of Excellence

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 12.12.2020.

Traditional award to prominent figures in the Serbian economy.

Ranko Socanac (Ranko Sočanac) and Nebojsa Saponjic (Nebojša Šaponjić) founders and owners of Nelt Group, are the recipients of this year’s Charter of Excellence in the field of business economy and management.

The Serbian Association of Economists (serb. SES) traditionally hands this award to prominent figures in the Serbian economy and economic scene. Ranko Socanac and Nebojsa Saponjic were recognized as altruists and active participants in the social community, and Nelt as a standard for distribution and logistics services in Serbia and the region.