Šaponjic at the Kopaonik Business Forum: “Lifting of Barriers for Business Efficiency”

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 28.05.2021.

The perspective of an investor on business and investment conditions.

On May 26th Nebojša Šaponjić, the co-founder of Nelt, participated in the panel discussion “Serbian Economy as a Host – The Investors Community Perspective” of the Kopaonik Business Forum, dedicated to business and investment conditions.

Discussions were held on non-utilized vital potentials which the Republic of Serbia could lean on in its economic development strategy, the opinions and experiences of the most successful company leaders within Serbia, as well as the investment climate in the country.

Emphasizing the importance of the legal system and transparency in business operations, Nebojša drew attention to the big effect which barriers at border crossings have on transport and business efficiency.

“It is constantly insisted on that Serbia should be harmonized with the EU, that it should open new chapters, but we are faced with problems when entering the EU or regional countries. For example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  in order to register a part of the portfolio of food for kids, you need 12 registrations at different administration levels, three to six months and a lot of investment.  As regarding the EU, just look at the lines of trucks piled in front of the border crossings with Croatia and Hungary. This is not caused by our side of the border, we are compliant”, stated Šaponjić.

Along with the co-founder of Nelt, representatives of MK Group, Raiffeisen Bank, American Chamber of Commerce,  JBAS (Japanese Business Alliance Serbia) and  Business Club Privrednik took part in the discussion panel moderated by Dušan Tomić, from Ernst & Young.