The Most Annoying Passenger

Nelt avatar Nelt 18.12.2020.

Autor: Ljubomir Jovanović, Facilities Manager of Nelt Group

It is no secret that today we spend too much time on the phone. The phone is an amazing tool you can use to contact your family and friends, find information and even perform business tasks. According to studies published on this topic, the telephone although, constantly upgraded and becoming smarter and smarter, is more and more seizing our concentration and attention.

According to one study, the average time spent on the phone is 3 hours and 15 minutes, and we  pick it up to check its contents as many as 47 times a day. Whether this be checking notifications announced by familiar sounds, or we just wish to release stress by viewing social networks – this attention distraction has a negative effect on our concentration, even if we do not take the phone into our hands.

The telephone is usually positioned in the car within arm’s reach. However, the use of the phone while driving, even if we have a handsfree device, presents an attention distraction. Looking at the contents on the phone, typing SMS messages or entire e-mails is completely ludicrous, if we know that at the speed of 60 km/h you react to an object only after 17 meters, and you need at least 22 meters to come to a full stop.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has via a special study derived at data that, in recent years, almost 11% of drivers use the mobile phone when driving. It is perceived that this percentage is even greater, because the fact itself is very difficult to check. Telephones are a magnificent tool and aid for all of us, but they are very dangerous if they take our eyes off the road, our hands of the wheel or just make us lose attention.

A telephone can have its place in your car, but never in your hand while driving.

How do we resist the temptation to at least take a quick glance at the notifications? Here are some suggestions which will help you to find your peace of mind.

Log out every time you exit an application and set a time of day or days of the week on which you want to be active on social networks. Maybe you have still not viewed the matter from this perspective, but  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are your time consumers.

Reduce the number of notifications onscreen and make them easy to use. Place applications which consume your attention to separate folders, so that you have to place an effort in finding and opening them.

Turn off the sound and place the phone on flight mode when in the car.

Deinstall the most frequently used applications and use them on your computer. This is an efficient way in to use the 30 minutes, which you do not even notice that you spent during the day on a certain application, in a better way.