The Power of Words

Nelt avatar Nelt 17.12.2021.

Author: Ana Pavlović, Internal Communications Specialist, Nelt Group

What is the worth a word? Answer for yourself.

It is clear that the Company communicates with the public, with clients and partners, but why is there also internal communication? Does the Company talk to itself? Do employees communicate with each other? They certainly know how to do this without that doctor specialist. If production, distribution, sales, logistics are concrete jobs that bring visible results, does that mean that communication jobs are something abstract? I am in production every day. I produce words. It’s not complicated. As you know, it is easy with computers nowadays. I type a word, compose a sentence, copy something, invent something, and there we have the text out of nowhere. Raw materials in the form of information, ideas, and knowledge, I usually keep in my own memory, the computer memory, or notebook, so I don’t have to bother with storage in special regimes. What an indescribably simple process.

However, this is just the beginning. It’s easy to produce, but hard to sell. A word like any other product (except Plasma maybe) is never the same for everyone. Therefore, it is adapted to different target groups. Sometimes it is formal and strategic, sometimes it is modern and youthful, sometimes simple or complicated, domestic or foreign. Sometimes it is serious, and sometimes just simply fluttery.

And then, there is the packaging. The raw text in Word is like candy in plain cellophane. But if you pack it, decorate it, color it, personalize it, you have given it a new value. It often happens that I spend more time on packaging than on production.

I thank the Universe for VAS (CONOPS) services because modified, promotional, combined and joint word packages sometimes completely change the meaning. And I combine, paste, decorate and incorporate.

My word travels by rather unconventional routes. Through space and time, visible and invisible channels. Through passages, stairs, streets, main roads highways. Across border crossings. I am very lucky that when I send a word, I do not have to follow export procedures, I have no contact with customs clearance and I am not affected by complicated Covid-19 transport measures.

What is the worth of a word? Answer for yourself. How many times have you read, understood, how many times have you thought, pondered? How many times have you rejoiced, laughed? How many times were you right, and how many times you couldn’t even assume that I wrote that word? How many times did you repeat, convey, supplement, use that word as a starting point for some of your thoughts, messages, goals, projects?

I am greatly pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the production, supply chain and distribution of words in the Nelt Group. I am glad that words today travel successfully from Dobanovci to Maputo, several times a day. I am glad that the distribution of words has become as important as the distribution of goods. I am glad that words play an important role each and every day of our lives, when we are  sitting together or are miles apart.