€ 20,000 for the National Coordination Institute for Communicable Disease

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 10.04.2020.

Neregelia and Montenomaks, companies of Nelt Group operating on the market of Montenegro, have donated € 20,000 to the National Coordination Instutute for Communicable Disease, for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

„We are aware of the challenges which the health system is now facing. In view of the fact that  we are operating in the entire area of the Western Balkans, we have dedicated funds for the aid of all the health systems, in each of the countries, also including Montenegro“, said Ljilja Pizurica, Executive Market Manager of Nelt Group for Montenegro.

Supply and logistics services are as she added of special importance in moments such as these.

„We remain focused on the supply of citizens on all markets, who need our products, in order to overcome this situation in the easiest possible manner. Our warehouse workers, delivery persons, curriers, drivers, salespeople, and merchandisers are daily on the field, and all business processes, with great effort, are functioning in a stable manner. All internal acts are harmonized with the recommendations of the competent bodies of the World Health Organization, and we are  especially endeavoring to take care of our employees, who with their efforts in this challenging moment,  are truly the pride of our Company“, stated Nelt Group.