Nelt Donated KM 40,000 to Institutions and Organizations in Bosnia Herzegovina

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 13.04.2020.

Nelt has forwarded donations in the value of KM 40,000 to institutions and organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to support their efforts in the  fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

It has donated to the Solidarity Fund of the Republic of Srpska KM 20,000, Federal Civil Protection Administration KM  8.000 KM,  and the Hospital Kasindo in East Sarajevo KM 4,000. Apart from this it has donated 800 masks to the Red Cross in East Ilidza as well as  products of Neoplanta, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations  of Bosnia and Hercegovina it has donated protection material and disinfection products to the association from Sarajevo, Hospital Foca and Mother’s Village (Majcino selo) Medjugorje.

“At the time  when the health systems are facing special challenges, Nelt Group provides aid to each of the countries in which it is operating  throughout the entire Western Balkans, and thus  Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. We hope that our donations in funds and products will help in this important battle”, stated Goran Cerovina, Executive Manager of Nelt for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He added that during this period of crises, although with great effort, Nelt maintains stable operations and that all employees are protected and are acting in compliance with recommendations of competent organs.