Nelt is giving away 30.000 mini packages of Sebamed baby soap

Nelt pharma avatar Nelt pharma 14.04.2020.

Why is proper hand hygiene important?

Aleksandra Knežević explains why proper hand hygiene is of exceptional importance in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Aleksandra is a Pharmacists, currently working in the Marketing Department in Nelt Pharmaceuticals Division.

What kind of protective role does the skin have?

Our skin presents the natural protective barrier which, among other things, prevents the entrance of external microorganisms. It is an ideal protection if it is healthy (intact) and has no lesions or damages to its surface. Due to hearing constant recommendations of experts we have become aware of the fact that proper and frequent hand hygiene presents one of the important measures of staying healthy during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

What  useful effect does soap have in the fight against the  COVID-19?

Tensides (better known to the population as soap bars and liquid soaps) present substances which bind fats, emulgate them, that is to say, mix them with water and enable dirt and grease to be washed from the hand surface. In the viral envelope of COVID – 19 are fats which are bound by soap and together with water  washed from the skin surface. This is how frequent hand hygiene, especially right after contact, touching of surfaces, sneezing and coughing protects from spread and entrance of infection into the organism.

What is the effect of soap on skin surface?

Apart from the effect of prevention of infection spread, alkaline soaps because to their frequent use damage the natural protective layer of our skin and its natural  pH value  5.5  resulting in dry  and irritated skin, redness and contact dermatitis. Skin with a damaged protection layer is prone to cracking, so that skin lesions can form which present an entrance gateway for harmful microorganisms.

Sebamed Baby and Classic soaps with pH 5.5 are ideal for frequent hand hygiene, because they clean the skin well without irritation and drying, maintaining its natural pH 5.5 and protective hydrolipid layer. Together with adequate hand creams they keep our skin healthy in order for it to continue to protect us from infections.

Wishing to provide our citizens with the solution for proper hand hygiene, Nelt in Serbia has started a national campaign of giving away 30.000 mini packages of Sebamed baby soap to customers in dr Max and Benu pharmacies, so that they can properly, following expert recommendations, do everything to be responsible towards themselves and make maximal effort to protect the ones they love.