Nelt Group’s revenue exceeds € 1 billion

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 06.12.2021.

Nelt Europe – Group commences operations in Croatia and Slovenia.

The consolidated revenue of Nelt Group, one of the most successful domestic business systems, has in the year 2021, exceeded € 1 billion. The impressive result of the Company, which operates on two continents with over 4,000 employees, was announced at the traditional annual meeting of the Company’s leaders and media representatives. In addition to results achieved in the previous year, plans for the coming year were also disclosed. The commencement of Nelt Group operations in Croatia and Slovenia, via establishing of Nelt Europe was also announced. 

“Finding its place on the European market is a expected next step for Nelt. Nelt Europe will be the starting point for expanding a network of Nelt companies across Europe. Milena Vušak, a prominent expert with years of experience in the FMCG industry, has taken charge of the development of our operations in Croatia and Slovenia with ambitious plans for the development and distribution of Nelt brands on these markets,” said Miloš Jelić, CEO of Nelt Group.

Despite the fact that the past year was extremely complex, Nelt Group managed to fully adapt its operations to the situation and maintain unhindered supply chain performance  in all markets. It has also continued with sustainable growth and hiring of new employees, and has continuously invested over € 7 million in infrastructure.

Thanks to a € 2 million investment, the Company has increased the capacity of its Intermodal Railway Terminal in Dobanovci, which has confirmed its status as a logistics hub in the Western Balkans with its excellent location, efficient business and technological innovations. The distribution and logistics leader has announced a significant step forward as well as  an accelerated digitalization process.

In partnership with world-famous companies in the field of technology and advanced analytics, such as Microsoft, SAS and ADD, work was continued on creating of digital ecosystem in business operations, to strengthen data exchange, planning and partnership with principals, customers, clients and suppliers. The Company’s development strategy and its long-term sustainability is based on investments planned for 2022 in the amount of € 19 million, further development of Nelt brands and entry into new markets in the European Union.

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Miloš Jelić, CEO of Nelt Group

Darko Lukić, Executive Vice-President at Nelt Group

Milena Vušak, Business Development Manager, Nelt Europe

Robert Jenovai, Chief Human Resources Officer at Nelt Group

Marko Milanković, Corporate Communications Manager, Nelt Group