Jelić: I am proud to be part of Nelt

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 23.04.2020.

Words of support and gratitude to all employees.

A month has passed from the date of the introduction of the state of emergency. The situation is complicated and demanding in all the markets in which we operate. However, today I proudly wish to point out something worthy of special attention, which makes our organization strong. And that something is you, its employees.  


For more than a month, we have succeeded in holding the state of emergency under control. We have shown a winning mentality and ability to quickly adapt, organize, and carry out our business activities, even in situations when this seems impossible. 


I wish to thank you for the efforts you are putting in your work and the support you are giving each other. I want to thank your families for the immense understanding which they have shown in these somewhat challenging conditions.  


Our goal is long-term sustainability. Sometimes we are forced to make difficult, and not always popular decisions. That is why we are even more thankful for the understanding which you have shown up till now.    


I want to draw your attention and point out our fearless colleagues who are have been performing tirelessly in previous months: delivery, sales, warehousing, and production. Regardless of all obstacles and challenges, they have shown high determination and dedication.  


As a Company, we have confirmed an essential role we have in all the markets in which we operate. Thanks to the efforts of everyone at Nelt, we made our portfolio available at all points of sales, easing the worries of the public. This fact is something we should all be proud of.


Thank you for proving that we can rely on each other in difficult times, which is an exceptional strength of our organization. I am proud to lead such a team!


I hope that you and your families remain in good health and high spirits. We shall continue to abide by prescribed measures, as long as this is necessary, to protect both ourselves and others.”


Yours sincerely,

Miloš Jelić
CEO Nelt Group