Nelt Hosted the U.S. Ambassador

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 03.02.2020.

Ambassador expressed gratitude to Nelt for quality distribution.

His Excellency, Anthony Godfrey, the United States Ambassador to Serbia, visited Nelt’s Central Logistic Distribution Center in Dobanovci on the 31st of January.

At the meeting with the founders and management of the Company, the Ambassador was acquainted with the business operations of Nelt Group in the Western Balkans and Africa, as well as  key strategic plan, socially responsible activities and challenges the Company is facing in its business operations.

The Ambassador informed the present on the position and efforts of the Embassy related to facilitating the upgrading of economic environment in Serbia and its path towards the European Union, as well as expressed gratitude to Nelt for quality distribution and presentation of American brands on the markets of Serbia and the region.