Marko Cilic, the new CFO at Nelt Group

Nelt avatar Nelt 15.04.2022.

This spring a large number of new colleagues, among which is also Marko Cilic, the new Chief Financial Officer  (CFO), have joined our team compliant with preconditions set for achieving Nelt Group Strategy goals.

Marko began his career in the financial sector at Procter & Gamble, holding different corporate and commercial finance roles, including the position of  Financial Manager for the Wester Balkans. He continued his career at Novartis, holding several managerial positions for the markets of (Serbia, Slovakia, Romania), the wider region, CEE and Europe in the corporation’s headquarters in Switzerland. He  graduated Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

The decision to come to Nelt, as he says, came as something natural.

“I had an excellent cooperation with Nelt even since the time  I was working for Procter & Gamble, and so the transfer to Nelt has an additional symbolism of returning home. I feel a great responsibility and gratitude for the opportunity given me. I am coming to a successful and large system where I will do my best to use my knowledge and experience to facilitate the continuation of development of the organization and business operations”, says Marko.

The transfer to a new company shall be, he points out, a huge challenge and an opportunity for self-development, and the challenge is even greater when we take into consideration the fact that he will at the same time be relocating to another country.

“In my case, it shall be a return to my homeland from Switzerland and the headquarters of Novartis, to whom I am very grateful for the opportunity given me for international development, through different roles which I have performed”, explains  Marko.

His first days in Nelt are, he says, extremely exciting  – from meeting new colleagues from the entire organization to attending the presentation of #Accelerate2025 Strategy.

“The welcome I have received is truly amazing, getting to know new people and processes in the company was thoroughly planned, while good prospects for the future give additional positive impulses. I was really impressed by the atmospheres, warmth, energy and support I received from the people, conjoint with expertise and professionalism. All this presents a strong platform for the continuation of a successful journey, and I am hence certain that we will also be able to share  lots of good news in the future”, states Marko.