The “New Employee Day” in Nelt

Nelt Group avatar Nelt Group 13.02.2019.

Dedicated to all the colleagues who recently joined Nelt.

The first New Employees Day was held on 13 February in the Central Distribution Logistics Center in Dobanovci. The half-day program is dedicated to all the colleagues who recently joined Nelt, and is one of the ways in which we have improved Onboarding for new employees this year.


“We believe you have become part of the team that wins from the long-term perspective,” Milica Jović, Chief Human Resources Officer, welcomed the new employees.


This enables new colleagues from all the cities in Serbia to get to know each other and to get, in a carefully designed manner, information about business, vision, values, history, as well as the basic law regulated obligations (fire protection training, first aid, etc.)