Montenomaks Awarded AEO Status

Montenomaks avatar Montenomaks 17.10.2021.

Montenegro awarded the status of authorized economic operator to Montenomaks. 

In compliance with the highest EU standards, in the field of cooperation and partnership between the customs authorities and the business community (AEO concept), the Customs Administration of Montenegro awarded the status of authorized economic operator to Montenomaks.

Thus, Montenomaks became the first forwarder, and the third economic operator in Montenegro to be awarded the AEO status. It is also the fourth company in Nelt Group to be awarded this status, after Nelt Serbia, Nelt ST in Northern Macedonia and Neregelia in Montenegro.

The Decision on awarding of AEO status was handed to the CEO of Montenomaks, Milenko Popović by the Acting Director of the Revenue and Customs Administration, Aleksandar Damjanović. Representatives of  Montenomaks Customs Sector, Milica Jovićević and Mišo Jovović were present at the meeting on the behalf of Montenomaksa, while on behalf of the Revenue and Customs Administration the Head of the Sector of Customs Procedures, Tatjana Vujišić and Senior Advisor of the Public Relations Bureau, Marija Bulajić Skuletić took participation.