Nelt Traditionally at SLA Conference

Nelt logistics avatar Nelt logistics 19.11.2021.

Participation at the IX Annual Conference of the Serbian Logistics Association.

Nelt participated at the IX  Annual Conference of the Serbian Logistics Association in Belgrade. This biggest logistics event in the Western Balkans was held on November 9th at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade.

Ivan Milicevic, Head of Innovations and Development in Logistics at Nelt, when addressing the participants,  explained how intermodal transport can become a desirable transport solution for forwarders and can help in the creating of agile supply chains.

“The emphasis on security and safety of all participants in the supply chain has been growing in the last two years and has additionally actualized intramodality as a solution. Nelt’s terminal has in its six-year operation activity been recognized as a logistic hub of the Balkans, thanks to its excellent location as well as  its technical and technological advantages. With our last two million Euro investment we have increased our capacities in order to provide our clients with optimal services. For Nelt, further transformation of international trends in the direction of intermodality does not have an alternative and we are here to support our existing and future partners”, stated Milicevic in his presentation.