Start of Digital Delivery at Nelt

Nelt logistics avatar Nelt logistics 11.05.2021.

The new model of fast and simple data exchange with customers.

In order to keep improving communication and data exchange with customers, last year Nelt has started developing Digital delivery, which has successfully commenced this May.

In the first stage, the new model of fast and simple data exchange with customers will be implemented in Serbia, with a tendency of expansion to region in the forthcoming period.

Nelt’s logistics processes have been significantly automated, by gradually withdrawing paper documents from use, in order to, as the end result, exclusively utilize digital documents in the future. In the long-term perspective, Nelt shall be improving our reputation and strengthening its relations with principals, clients and customers, enabling them to follow data pertaining to their business activities with Nelt in a faster, more transparent and accurate manner via “Track and Trace” portal.